· Started Kindergarten and is really good at “show and tell”

· Is learning to read

· Was added to the cleaning chart and cleans a bathroom each week


· Was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

· Is really good at figuring things out and finding things

· Wakes up early to practice piano

· Participated in summer tennis

· Impressed his teachers by improving his behavior at school

· Spent a week playing with Grandma & Grandpa Ruebush

· Started junior high and enjoys the different classes he gets to take

· Became 1st trumpet in the school band

· Has enjoyed several books this year including Artemis Fowl & Sky Raiders


· Started high school

· Ran in cross country and set a personal record at 17:49 for a 3 mile course

· Grew at least 5 inches and passed mom in height


· Is still employed at L3 Communications

· Teaches 12-13 year old boys at church and week day scout activities

· Built garden boxes and a watering system for the back garden area


· Organizes the children’s classes and teaches children at church

· Started working at the Tooele County Assessor’s Office while Ian is at school

· Put on the Lake Point Days 5K


· Started a FIRST Lego League team with Gwen as a coach, Scott as a youth mentor, and Jeremy and Porter on the team

· Ate one of our own chickens for the first time and introduced new chicks to the flock—both big learning experiences

· Finished the culvert area and fence area in our landscaping

· Had family reunions with both of our families!!


We are so grateful for our families, friends, and the great people in our community. We feel very blessed to associate with such great people. We are also very grateful for our understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the peace and understanding that it gives us. May you find joy and peace also.


                          Love, The Ruebush Family